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Find out more about why we exist, how we operate and what our ambitions are as a collective.


Our Vision

The Wellbeing Collective was founded in 2019 with a single mission: to help make businesses more socially sustainable.

What does that mean? It's all about helping you invest in your people to ensure they are happy and healthy, enabling you to get the most out of them. But it's also about investing in your local place to ensure that you are having a positive impact in the area you operate. That is what we define as social sustainability. 

The most forward thinking and successful businesses recognise their duty to invest in their communities but they also recognise the benefits to their business of doing so; more productive staff, increased profits and a better reputation.


Embedded in Communities

Each member of the collective is embedded in their local communities, delivering much needed services, support and guidance to some of the most vulnerable people. 

By working with us you are helping us invest in our work, all of the money we receive goes back into supporting those people by supporting our organisations to be sustainable. 

That means you can rightly demonstrate you are discharging your Corporate Social Responsibility by purchasing our services. If you simply want to support our work, you could also offer a donation to the collective, either financial or in-kind. 


Quality Services from Experts

As a collective we are committed to delivering the highest quality services we possibly can. We have the benefit of being experts in our relevant fields, from experience of working with people in real life settings. 

Each member is committed to providing trained and experienced staff to deliver training or consultancy to your organisation and, where they can't, using trusted associates who also come from the community sector. 

Each session is evaluated with you by the lead organisation and any problems or concerns will be resolved to ensure you receive the expected benefits from your chosen service. 


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