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Training and Consultancy Packages

We draw on the specialist knowledge of each of our member organisations to offer you something bespoke for your business.

Find out more about the types of work we do below.

We can offer discounts to other Third Sector organisations or businesses that take a block booking. 


The Wellbeing Collective Services


Wellbeing initiatives that work for you

Our offer is only as limited as your imagination! Being a collective means we have an extensive pool of expertise to utilise and we can offer something bespoke to your organisation. If you give us a call or drop us an email we can talk through your objectives and find something that suits you. 

Examples of our "off the shelf" offer include;

  • Introduction to Anxiety/Depression for Line Managers

  • Substance Misuse Awareness

  • Get better sleep for front line staff

  • Disability Confidence and Positive Adjustments 

  • Retirement Planning and Self-Esteem

  • LGBT+ Inclusivity 

  • Managing an inter-generational workforce

  • Safeguarding 

  • Effective Evaluation

  • Workplace Volunteering: The Benefits 


Helping you make the right decisions

Much like our training offer we are able to create something bespoke to your organisation. Our expertise and breadth of experience enable us to be uniquely positioned to provide you with real reflections on the people and places you work in.

Examples of the types of consultancy we can offer include;

  • Access Audits - ensuring you're disability friendly 

  • Ageing Well Audits - ensuring you're accommodating an ageing workforce or customer based

  • Policy Reviews - around mental health, inclusiveness and substance misuse

  • Introducing a workplace volunteering programme 

  • Bid writing, governance and strategy (for Third Sector peers)

  • Corporate Social Responsibility guidance and Social Return on Investment 

  • Programme Management and Impact Monitoring (for Third sector peers)

  • Counselling for staff 

  • Advice on specific HR issues 

Pricing and Discounts

What's it worth?

All of our training and consultancy is offered at competitive rates and we're open to discussing pricing structures and discounts where applicable. 

Our charges incorporate a donation towards the running of the individual charity you are working with so you know that the money you are investing is also contributing to your Social Return on Investment. 

On average for our "off-the-shelf" offer we charge around £500 per day for training and £600 per day for consultancy.

The best way to get a quote is to get in touch with us today.


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